Friday, September 14, 2018


So I was reading my good friend S.C. Jensen's blog about her adventures into the world of sci-fi, both reading and writing and I noticed a key component I had previously thought little about. Her blog focuses greatly on the work of other writer's (see link here). She lifts these other authors up and shows how their work can influence other writers in the genre.

My own blog however had focused quite selfishly on my own work, serving more as self-promotion rather than lifting up other writers in the community. This was a humbling moment for me indeed, especially given that I had recently read Ms. Jensen's novel The TimeKeepers' War and found it both stimulating and an easy and exciting read. To that end, I have endeavored to remake myself a little and have her to credit for it. So, let's open this new version of my personal blog with a review of The TimeKeepers' War.

The story opens on a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world where the Elite of society live in a realm above the lower caste. There is a clear divide between the two city-states and it is heavily guarded by a certain class of genetically enhanced soldiers and accessible only by sealed (or the occasional secret) gates.

The protagonist is a woman named "Ghost" whose search for her long-lost little sister has become all-consuming. She travels the dark streets and canals of the underground looking for clues to her sister's whereabouts. Eventually, she accepts the aide of an unlikely ally. A man (Lynch) who lives outside the law. Together, they navigate the shadowy world of the TimeKeepers, the underground and eventually the City, wherein reside the Elite.

The characters are immediately relatable and the action, fast-paced and believable. The interpersonal relationships are just complex enough to make the hero (Ghost) intriguing without the reader losing focus. Ghost, while not broken, is a slightly wounded soul, racked with guilt over the loss of her sister, worry for her companions and anxiety over her sister's fate. Then, there's Lynch. Is he friend or foe? Is he hero or brigand? Whatever the case, he might just be the help she needs.

Do yourself a favor. Buy this book. You will not regret it. And very likely, like me, you too will become a fan of S. C. Jensen.

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